Gh's tv master cup

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-$- Gh's tv master cup

1er tournois pour fêter la GHTV , le prochain aura lieux d'ici 2 semaine pour fêter gaminghouse.com ;)

Status : The tournament is over

Game :
Starcraft 2 - WoLStarcraft 2 - WoL
Start of tournament :
may 15, 2012 at 21h00 [Timezone Europe/Paris]
Admin :
Bnet server :
europe serverEurope
Type :
simple tournament
Number of participants :
33 [29 confirmeds - 4 not confirmeds]
Game mode :
BO :
BO1-BO3(quarter final)-BO5(final)
Dispatch mode :
Discussion channel :
ghtv cup
Authorised levels :
Ligue diamant Ligue maitre Ligue grand maitre
Prize pool :
1er:40euros+10% 2eme:10euros+5% 3eme:5% all master: invitations dans la team gaming house si interessé !
Note : subscriptions to this tournament must be confirmed. All players must confirm their participation to the tournament on this site from 20h00 , on the day of the tournament (confirmation must be done on this page). Players who do not confirm will be automatically unsubscribed from the tournament.
[center] [img] http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2012/19/1336853401-cacatousmou (0000000). jpg [/ img]
[/ center]
[center] [size = 4] GH team tournaments. [/ size]

[size = 4] Payment: [/ size]

- Bo 1 to the quarter final, semi final and the final are in bo3!

GH-TV's exclusive reserves on stream are tournaments, admin / streameur can not be denied!

All-fake account / smurf will be banned without notice

- Respect the timetable for the smooth running of the tournament

All-deco before the 5minute games, it plays the game!

-The map pool is not required if both players agree to choose another map!

(no stream hack possible, the delay will be a minimum of 20 seconds!)
-The winner will win are 14euro on paypal account!
The 3-first will be invited within the GH team, a team being created. [/ B] (if they agree ^ ^)

[size = 4] What are most of the GH team? [/ size]

-A structure that have to grow very quickly.
-I am committed to ensuring that the player can freely go to the lan.

[size = 4] What the team asks the player GH? [/ size]

Being motivated is more important than being skiller, but doing both is the best of things.
Streamer-regularly on ghtv

We recall that the team is being created, we seek so many people.
(for more info on the administrative post to be filled: [link = http://www.ghtv.fr/pages/recrutement-7584021.html] click here [/ link]

[size = 4] GL HF ALL [/ size]

[size = 5] Tell your friend to come see you on http://www.ghtv.fr! [/ size] [/ center]

(ps: the coupon is a claim on the shop gaminghouse.fr, the store opens this week end!
If you do not claim your prize after the tournament (a blynx@gaminghouse.fr address) we will not courire after you and if you do not want a lot that's your choice;)
We would also like to point out that the payment will be made ​​in less than two weeks, we guarantee our reputation is at stake. ))

First map
Maps to use for the first game of each round are listed below

Final :
Shakuras Plateau Shakuras Plateau

Semifinal :
IPLMap Antiga Shipyard IPLMap Antiga Shipyard

1/4 of finale :
GSL Daybreak GSL Daybreak

1/8 of finale :
IPLMap Tal\\\'Darim Altar IPLMap Tal'Darim Altar

1/16 of finale :
Metroplis EC Metroplis EC

1/32 of finale :
Cloud Kingdom Cloud Kingdom

1/64 of finale :
GSL_Bel\\\'shir Beach (Winter) GSL_Bel'shir Beach (Winter)

Online players

Clan Positive Human Band
Clan Team Split
Clan Hope Gaming Team

[WarAdmin] [MajorAdmin]
Amount of players 29 738
Newest player Nicoplante
Total number of unique visitors 882 834
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